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Felicia. Is she a real one? Or she is under a disguise?

If you had watch “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, there’s a character in the sequel who named Felicia portayed perfectly by Felicity Jones. Which her character named similar with a First word of Felicia Hardy name, as we know, Felicia Hardy had an aliases Felicity Harmon a same first word of Felicity Jones name.

But that’s not all the case, her role as Felicia like she’s reveal in the interview has a suit, When the movie being releasing, her character Felicia was wearing all in black office lady suit, Which is a nod to Felicia alterego suit as Black Cat.

In the movie Felicia not yet show her fighting skills or become her alterego. But she look suspicious in her role, which she knows about plan of Donald Menken, She knows that the Secret Project was taking a part of OSCORP secret places under the building. She also act suspicious with her face.

The question is, if she Black Cat.
Which one her true identity?
The black hair? or the silver one?
What she planned on?
Is she working alone? or with another powerfull organization/men?

Felicia still just a breif introduction in this sequel.
More revealations would come from her character in the future Spidey-Verse movie.

Anonymous asked: So nick was on twitter today, hopefully he didn't read any weird message...


Oh, I bet he saw plenty of weird messages. lol